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Perfect for monthly skin maintenance.  An appropriate enzyme will be selected to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage celluar turnover to reveal healthy glowing skin.  Your facial will include a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, hydrating masque, and moisturizer for the face and neck.  Appropriate for most skin types.

75 Minute Session   $80          Package of 5 ~ $375

This facial includes concepts that open up your energy pathways.  You will receive a head, neck, and shoulder massage, arm and hand massage, and a lower foot and leg massage, using a unique essential oil blend based on your needs.  Also included is the traditional double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, minimal extractions, hydrating massage, and masque.
  Appropriate for most skin types.

90 Minute Session   $100        Package of 5 ~ $475


The following may be added to the cleansing enzyme facial or the signature facial for extra benefits.  Expect extra time to be added.

Decollete:  extend your facial procedure to your upper chest                                                           10 Minutes  $20

Eye Treatment:  additional attention given to lessen fine lines and dark circles                              5 Minutes  $15

Lip Treatment:  additional treatment given to lessen fine lines and plump lips                                5 Minutes  $15

Eye and Lip Treatment Combo:  add both and save $5                                                                10 Minutes  $25

Chemical Peel Booster:  added to enzyme to boost exfoliation:  Lactic or Glycolic Acid                  00 Minutes  $20

Microdermabrasion or Derma-file:  for deeper penetration of enzyme                                              20 Minutes  $20                                

Gold & Sodium Hyaluronate Jelly Masque:  for optimal hydration and powerful antioxidant             20 Minutes  $30

Nano Infusion:  choice of hydrating or brightening boosters                                                          20 Minutes  $40

LED light therapy: promotes skin function at cellular level; stimulates collagen for fading of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens skin discolorations, and aids in healing of acne.  COMING SOON!      Sessions between facials for faster results:  includes cleansing, toning, LED, and SPF.              30 Minutes $45      Package of 5/$200

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils                                                                                            15 Minutes  $25

Hand or Foot Treatment:  sugar scrub to exfoliate followed by moisturizing jojoba oil and encased in paraffin to seal in hydration.                                                                                        20 Minutes  $30



Tailored to fit your skincare needs and goals for optimal skin health.  Appropriate home care will be required to ensure maximum peel efficacy and proper skin prepping and healing.

Lactic Lightening Peel:  For most skin care types.  Promotes hydration for dry, sensitive, and aging skin.  Contains two lighteners for skin with hyperpigmentation.  Wonderful introductory peel.  Virtually no downtime.  Lactic 20%                                                                                          30 Minute Session   $50

Glycolic Peel:  Excellent cell renewal peel for softening and exfoliation.  Great for mild to moderate acne and minimizes pore size.  Light flaking to be expected.  Glycolic 30%                     30 Minute Session   $60

TCA Peel:   The combination of acids in this peel treatment is perfect for hyperpigmentation, acne, and uneven texture.  Peeling is expected several days after treatment.  TCA 10%            30 Minute Session   $80

Chemical Peel Series:  Requires a commitment to an eight to 10 week protocol and a pre/post peel care kit.  This is for the client that is looking for a significant change in pigmentation, malasma, or acne.  Safe for all ethnicities.  Series includes one Cleansing Enzyme Facial, one Lactic Lightening Peel, one Glycolic Peel, two TCA Peels, and a final Cleansing Enzyme Facial.  Skin will be evaluated at each appointment to ensure safety and optimal skin health as changes may be necessary depending on skin reaction.                                                                                 6 Treatments plus pre/post home care   $600



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